Tommy Lee Buckley – June 30, 2011

Tommy Lee Buckley, 64, of Amariillo, died Thursday, June 30, 2011.
Memorial service will be at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday at Washington Avenue Christian Church.
Tommy was born on March 24, 1947 in Childress, Texas to William L.  and Lois Buckley.
Tommy graduated from Grand Prairie High School where he was a member of the National Honor Society, editor-in-chief of the school annual and was a member of the tennis team. After graduation from high school he attended Texas Tech University. He was an active member of First Baptist Church of Grand Prairie. For several years he owned and operated mens clothing businesses in Amarillo and Grand Prairie.
Everyone who knew him remembers that he was a hard working, generous husband, dad, granddad, son and brother.  His favorite times were playing with his grandchildren and playing golf.  He had a loving and giving spirit that shown through in everyone’s life that he touched.  He worked with a tireless dedication to benefit the lives of others.
The family is grateful for the love and support of all of Tommy’s friends around the country.
He was preceded in death by his father, William L. Buckley.
He is survived by his wife, Phyllis Buckley. His mother Lois Brenneman of Arlington, TX. Sisters, Carolyn Williams  & Jan Suggs of Arlington, TX.  Daughter, Tammy Karr of Amarillo, TX. Son, David Karr of Houston, Tx. Daughter, Stephanie Maupin of Bushland, TX;  also daughters, J.J., Jordan, & Emily,   all of Colorado. 10 grandchildren include Kolby, Kelsi, Brooklyn, Brody, Cale, Quinn, Wylee, Millie and two grandchildren from Colorado.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorials be to a favorite charity.

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  1. My deepest sympathy to you, Phyllis, and all of Tommy’s family. Mr. B was a model of integrity throughout his dealings with Greenlight, et al, and my faith never waivered in what he was trying to accomplish. I feel I knew him well. May God COMFORT you, BLESS you, in this difficult time, and I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. My deepest sympathy to you for Tommys passing.
    I’ve always believed he was chosen by God to do the work that he accomplished. Always remaining honest and dedicated to finish in victory.
    I consider him one of our heros. I am deeply sad and shocked that his life has ended.
    He is truly missed!

  3. Tommy was a wonderful man. The greater community of the USA and the world is a far better place for having known him.
    It is such a grievous loss to be without him. I know our Lord counts it dear to have him with him now.
    I miss him very, very much.
    He proved great courage to me for many years.

  4. This is a very sad email to have to send. I was so sorry to hear of his passing. He has been a great friend and a wonderful example through out a big part of our lives.
    Tommy will be sorely missed.

  5. Dear Buckley Family,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. Tommy cared about the “little guy.” He wanted a better life for us and worked tirelessly to see that come to fruition. I cannot begin to imagine the sacrifices you all made during his quest to help us so we, in turn, could pass those blessings on to others. I never met him in person these past 20 years as a Greenlighter, but did get to speak with him once when my mother, also a Greenlighter, passed in 1999. His warmth and sincerity came right through the phone, comforting me. And through the years, he was always the same kind person. He never changed, always telling us how much he loved us. If anyone ever doubted his absolute caring about us, just remember how he came out of the hospital — after being in a coma — and left a message the very next day! He was in such pain and so weary, but he was thinking about US! And even after all they did to him, took from him, broke his heart… he continued to leave us messages dispensing advice, and hope, and love, and some humor. THROUGH IT ALL… IT WAS NEVER ABOUT HIM. Thank you for sharing Tommy with us. His memory will continue to be a blessing in our lives. We shed tears of sadness now, but the day will come when they will turn into tears of joy: Tommy’s devoted works in our behalf will have come true! Years ago, another Greenlighter Maryam Shakir, and I sent Tommy a mug for his birthday. It showed an elephant with a bunch of turkeys trying to tie it down, bring it under control. The message was, “Don’t ever let the turkeys get you down!” Those turkeys can’t cause him any more pain. Tommy is with God.
    Hugs and Love, CAT

  6. My deepest sympathy to Tonny’s family. I never met him, but he changed my life forever. We will miss him and will never forget him.

  7. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
    I will miss you dear friend!

  8. To Tommy’s family:
    Words cannot express the way we feel about this untimely event. Tommy was a very loved and faithful
    friend. Although, we never met Tommy in person, we
    feel as if we know him personally. We Thank God for all he stood for and did to help all Green light members be blessed so they in turn could bless others. He loved his family and friends very much.
    I know he spent many hours trying to finish this work he has been dedicated to for about 22 yrs. I’m sure he will be missed by all. Yet, I believe his work will continue on until completion. May God Bless each of you and remember, In the end God will give us all victory..

  9. To the Tommy Lee Buckley family. I’m new member with NB88..As I listened to the conference calls I heard many wonderful things said about Mr.Buckley. most of all that he was saved and truly loved the Lord. He fought many years what he belived to be a blessings to others and his family as well.Through all the pain, persecutions and suffering, he still had a good attitude toward God’s people. He believed and prayed that when God calls him home, That the Joshua’s of this generation would pick up the vision and mantel and run with it. The work God chose him to do, he willingly accepted the assignment. He kept the faith, endured hardness and shame as a good soldier until God totally healed his body and called him home from labor to eternity. This is a great lost to all, continue to hold the beautiful memories of his Love in your hearts. Be encourged (family)and know That Jesus Loves You! and that we are praying for you. Peace and Love be with You always!

  10. To the Buckley Family:
    Words cannot express how we feel. We never met Tommy in person, but by phone and letter. We came to love and respect him for what he was doing, not only for his family and friends. Never have we lost
    respect for what he was doing to help many people enjoy a better life and doing God’s work. We will always respect his memory and work for mankind. God bless each of you as you cope with this loss. Only the Lord Jesus will have the last say in it all. He is a just and Holy God. May all his work come to pass and all the world will see its not in vain. And I believe God will bring it to pass.
    Keep the Faith… In Christ we all Win.

  11. Words cannot express how we feel. although we never
    got to meet Tommy, we feel we know him well. His love displayed for, not only his family, but all
    Green light members. Never have we found in any word
    or action, any thing but concern for others. He has
    denied himself and probably at time, his family, to
    fulfill his passion to bring his dream and work to
    fulfillment. Remember, the enemy of our souls don’t
    like anything good for God’s people to happen, but
    like it or not, the enemy is already defeated. God
    will bring all good works to fulfillment. God Bless all Tommy’s loved ones and friends. We love Tommy very much for all his hard work which will follow him always.

  12. Dear Phyllis: Please accept our deepest ondolances
    in the deasth of Tommy, your husband and our friend. We know you have had many difficult trials over the years. Both of you carried very deep and complicated burdens. We will never forget your investment of love for all of us. We ask God’s continual blessings upon you and your fasmily.

  13. Phylis, As friends of your husband for nearly twenrty years, we are shocked at the sudden turn of life for you snd Tommy. While you will have hard moments in the days ahead, wwe just wanted you to know, we will support you and your family in prayer. Your sacrifice during the past years must have been a heavy burden for you. We just want you to know that Tommy’s efforts and your suffering on that account will not have been in vain. May His blessings always be upon you.

  14. It was a sad day when we heard of Tommy’s death.
    We had tears in our eyes and heart. We will miss Tommy so much. He was a man of INTERGITY AND TRUTH. We never met Tommy personally but we talked to him on the phone several times. He was always putting others before himself. That was our Tommy a heart of love and compassion. I done Tommy a Cross-Stitch piece and mailed it to him.
    He loved it so much, “Life Outlined With Prayer Is Less Likely To Unravel”. God and Prayer kept and made him strong spiritually all of his life. He was a Godly man and a man that Loved his Lord very much. He had no hatred against anyone, even the people that done him so wrong. He prayed for them, that is a man of God.
    Tommy put his love into action and gave 22 years for all of us. We are sadden that he won’t be he with us when resolution takes place. He wanted that money to be used for the Kingdom of God in winning souls. It’s sad that he won’t get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. But he is looking down from heaven and saying he is in a better place to hurt no more.
    The powers to be will pay for what they done to Tommy and all of the other people also. Tommy we will miss you so much and you will always be in our minds and hearts. Missed but not forgotten.
    To the family We are so sorry for your great lost,
    You lost a son, husband, father, grand-father, brother and the most precious friend we could all have. Tommy we will see you one day in heaven.
    Our Love & Prayers
    Jerry & Charlotte Mosley

  15. We never met Tommy, but we have talked to him on the phone several times. He was a Godly man and a man of intergity, honest and above board with all his dealings. We wish he could be here with all of us so we could hug his neck and tell him how much we love and appreciate all of his hard work for us the last 20 years. I cross-stitched a piece for him and it said “Life Outlined With Prayer Is Less Likely To Unravel”. He loved it so much. Yes he is in a better place than we are. God parted the Red Sea for Tommy and took him home to be with him. We think of him daily, tears came in our eyes and heart, sad day for all of us. They will be a judgement day for those that done him wrong and we all will probably see it happen. God is keeping a Good Record. The sad thing is that Tommy won’t be with us when resolution takes place and it will take place. All those people that said that the certificates were fake will see they are real. But the enemy can’t stop that money for being used for the Kingdom of God and that was what Tommy wanted it for to win souls. His love for all of us was shown each and every day, for he gave his life for all of us and what he believed. TRUTH WILL PREVEAL IN THE END. That was what Tommy stood for was TRUTH and INTERGITY. We would like to say to the family that God blessed them with a wonderful son, husband, father, grand-father.It has been a great loss for each of you. We as Green Lighters we have lost a most dear and precious friend. We will always love you Tommy, but we will see you in heaven one day.
    Also Tommy as you are looking down from heaven We want you to know you WON and they LOST, they just might not know it now but later they will find out. God’s justice is sure and true. We wish we could attend the memorial & funeral services but our love and heart and spirit will be with family and friends. Tommy had everything in order including that with his salvation with God.
    Our Love & Prayers
    Jerry & Charlotte Mosley

  16. I, like many others have been a Greenlighter for 20 years. Although I never met Tommy in person, I feel we knew him in many ways. We do not know the full extent of the sacrifices Tommy made over the years but we surely appreciate all he did.
    It’s sad to know the last few days he spent were still fighting the bad guys instead of enjoying the fruits of his time and labors for all those years.
    Our deepest sympathies to his family and we pray that God will be your comfort and strength during this time of sorrow we all share with you.
    Anthony Bartlett

  17. I am very sorry for your lose. Thank you for giving up time with him over the years for him to work for us. I considered him a great man, whom I trusted very much. He always told us how much he loved us.

  18. I am not involved in Treasury Gate however I would listen to Tommy’s updates for several months and know of a few people who knew him. I have known about Tommy for several years. I’m so sorry for your loss. Personally, he seemed very sincere and honest and I just can’t believe what happened to bring about this tragedy. I said a prayer with a few other friends to help his passing and bless all of his family. He will be missed. His passing is a shock to many and profoundly felt by all I know personally. I’m sure there is a special place for him. God Bless. Jenna

  19. I have been a Greenlighter for over 20 years. Altho I never met Tommy, I feel like I knew him. My heart is HEAVY with sadness & my mind is having a hard time excepting he is gone. One thing for sure, he’s in a better place & “the powers that be” cannot cause him any more pain.
    May God be with you in your time of sorrow.
    With my deepest sympathy, Judy Hagbery

  20. thank you Tommy for all the love truth and integrity you lived by. You certainly have given me hope for so long . I will see you sometime in heaven. god bless ya.

  21. Tommy was a Christian gentleman who had the respect of thousands across this great nation which he loved.
    He loved family and friends and wanted a better life for all.

  22. There was never a man in my life such as I have known in Tommy. I had the opportunity to have met him, and felt the genuine love and compassion he gave as he shook my hand and gave me a hug of friendship. I will never forget him, and will always live my life out as he would have wanted. Her left a binding forever impression onn my heart as I lnow he did with many. My heart breaks for the family with their loss of this awesome man. You are all in my prayersur time of need.
    Forever a caring friend
    Marcia Lightner
    May the Lord be you all thru yo

  23. Dear Buckley Family,
    Tommy was a fine Christian man who lived the scripture found in Phillipains 2:4..\do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interest of others.\ His life proved this out over and over. If we can all follow his example and pass this on, he will never die, his life will live on and on. He will never be forgotten…please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as well as many, many others across this country that Tommy loved so much. We will see him again someday…What a reunion that will be! Take heart and remember you are not alone..
    Love and prayers,
    Charles and Pat Dundas,
    Friends in Missouri

  24. Dear Buckley Farmily,
    Please accept our deepest sympathy in the loss of Tommy, your husband, father, son, brother. He was a fine Christian man who truly loved the scripture found in Phillipains not merely look out for your own interest, but also the for the interest of others. He did this time and time again. If we can follow his example in our lives, he will never be far from us. You are in our prayers and well as many others across this country…the country he loved.
    May God bless you with His Peace in the days ahead.
    Love and prayers,
    Charles and Pat Dundas
    Friends in Missouri

  25. My deepest sympathy to the family of Tommy Buckley. Tommy will be remembered fondly by those who knew him. He was a truly amazing man and will be greatly missed. There aren’t enough words to describe the sadness of the many.

  26. Dear Buckley Family,
    Please accept our deepest sympathy in the loss of Tommy, your husband, father, son, and brother. He was a fine Christian man who truly lived the scripture found in Phillipians 2:4..”do not merely look out for your own personal interest, but also for the interest of others.” He lived this over and over. If we have learned anything from him, it is to live in this manner. If we pass this on in our lives, he will never be far from us. And we do know we will see him again…what a reunion that will be! You are in our prayers and the prayers of many across this nation…the nation he loved so much. God bless you in the days ahead with His peace.

  27. Dear Buckley Family,
    Our sincere and deepest sympathy to you at this time…Tommy was a fine Christian man; always lived the scripture Philippians not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. He considered the welfare of others and put himself last…that is an example that will live the lives of those who knew him…and if it is passed on, he will never be gone from us. And we do know we will see him again; what a reunion that will be! Take heart, dear family…you are in the prayers of many across this country of ours…the one he loved so dearly. He will not be forgotten!
    Love, prayers,
    Charles and Pat Dundas
    Friends from Missouri

  28. I had the privelage to meet Tommy once. I also spoke to him from tine to time. He was the most honest and caring man I have ever met. He touched our lives and hearts. We love him as much as he loved us.
    We miss him so much. May God bless him and keep him close to all his family.
    AnnaMarie Petrangelo and family

  29. I will always remember Tommy as a friend &; an awesome mentor in my life during the 20 plus years i have been a member of Greenlight, i too wish i could of met him, i was blessed to speak to him twice on the phone!!!! I remember the story he told about the lesson his father gave him about honesty , i will never forget it!!! it went something like this , if you tell a lie than you have to remember what you said but as long as you tell the truth you dont have to worry about remembering what you said. I was so upset when i first read the news about his death but because of my faith in God & knowing Tommy walked with the Lord also that helped to overcome some of the grief as im sure it will you also. may God bless you & youre family indeed in JESUS NAME Britton Maddox

  30. Dear Buckley Family;
    Some people walk through your life, others leave footprints in your heart! I’m so sorry for your lose. Tommy touched the lifes of many people and he will be missed by many. I regret we never got to met in person!
    May God bless you and keep you close to him.
    Debbie Young

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