Mona Hale

Mona Hale
Mona Hale

Mona Frances Hale, of Santa Fe, New Mexico age 78, died May 18, 2019 in Amarillo, Texas.

Mona was born on May 4, 1941 in Perryton, Texas to Selden B. Hale Jr, and Pauline Frances Owen Hale. She graduated from Gruver High School in 1959 and received a bachelor’s degree in education from Texas Tech University in 1963.

Survivors include her brothers, Selden B. Hale III and Thomas W. Hale of

Amarillo, Texas; three nieces; Sarah Uselding, Monica Bull, Maria Hale; three nephews; David Hale, Selden B. Hale IV, and Michael Hale.

Mona was a voracious reader and life-long learner. Being well read in religion, art, history, spirituality, psychology, medicine, politics, indigenous cultures, geography, life sciences and anthropology revealed her vast curiosity. She inspired her many students, friends and family members to read and to be curious about learning.

A caring master educator, Mona taught in Hilo, Hawaii; Perryton and Denton, Texas; and Santa Fe, New Mexico at the elementary, middle school and high school level. In Denton, Mona became a teacher at the lab school affiliated with the University of North Texas. There she honed behavior modification techniques to help students with severe psychological and severe learning disabilities become more productive students.

After her move to Santa Fe, she taught at Santa Fe High School and then at Alameda Middle School. At Alameda, she was passionate about the school’s very successful Peer Mediation program and as a teacher trainer, she encouraged middle school students to solve their disputes through peer mediation. She had a rare ability to challenge and joke with her teenage students and they grew to love, respect and appreciate her. Skillfully, she related their reading and math lessons to necessary life skills. She strongly advocated for the needs of her students and their families even when it was not an easy task. For her, advocacy was an important aspect of being a good teacher and her efforts enriched the lives of many.

During her initial years in Santa Fe, Mona was a core part of a friendship circle which migrated from Denton to Santa Fe. Whether in workshops, book groups, nature hikes or outings in search of UFO’s Mona walked with ease in this world and the world beyond. Her ease and humor allowed her to befriend skeptics and psychics alike.

Mona was an incredibly loving, persistent, humorous, kind-hearted, stubborn, compassionate, generous, private, and strong woman who shared herself with others including felines, canines, birds, students, friends, community members, and her family. Mona was deeply loved and will be sorely missed.

Burial in Old Hansford Cemetery Spearman, Texas.

2 Replies to “Mona Hale”

  1. I have known Mona since about 1979 when she was a Special Education teacher and I was the Speech Therapist in the same school in Denton, Texas. I have been fortunate to have her for a dear friend all these many years. She has been a precious, generous and caring friend to me and so many. My thoughts are with all members of the Hale family, whom she loved so dearly.
    I will miss her very much!

  2. My condolences to the Hale family. Mona and I were friends since 1984, just before several of us moved to Santa Fe. I recall her Mom, Pauline, coming to visit Mona here and her warm family stories of her brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. Her humor and her caring came from deep roots. I’m sorry for your loss.

    Vaya Con Dios, Mona…..

    Judy K Mosher
    Santa Fe, NM

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