Dr. Richard D. Chandler

Dr. Richard D. Chandler
Dr. Richard D. Chandler

Dr. Richard Chandler of Amarillo, Texas, passed away June 10, 2019 surrounded by his loving family. He was born September 12th 1934 in Dryden, Texas to Sam Houston and Gladys Marie Chandler. He graduated from Amarillo High School and then attended Amarillo College, following which he served in the U.S. Army, Army Reserves and Marine Corp Reserves with honorable discharge. Dr. Chandler graduated from West Texas State University in 1960, and was then accepted into the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. Since 1966, he has been a respected board certified Family Medicine physician in private practice in Amarillo.

Richard was an extraordinary athlete.   He enjoyed many sports that brought out his competitive nature. He was a stellar basketball player, skier, scuba diver, and golfer.  He loved to travel and fly airplanes.

Richard was fully committed to his work. He delivered hundreds of babies, performed countless surgeries and touched numerous lives with his care and compassion.  Practicing medicine was his passion until the end of his life.

He married his wife of 63 years, Mary Ellen Chandler, after meeting her in the lab at St. Anthony’s hospital. A devoted husband and father, Richard is survived by his wife Mary Ellen Chandler, his children with their spouses: Pam Chandler (James Penniman), Richard Chandler (Pam Chandler), Christopher Chandler, and Samantha Chandler (Mat Roux), grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Services will be held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Friday, June 14th at 2p.m. Burial will follow in Llano Cemetery.

Arrangements are made by Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors, 2800 Paramount Blvd.


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  1. He was my dad’s doctor and my mom’s also. My mom just loved the caring way him and Maggie treated her. First words when he would enter the room was Dora can you hear me? Mom would say nothing for about 3 minutes then reply but I feel okay! Can you HEAR ME DOCTOR?

  2. My lifetime Dr. just passed away, Dr. C was one of the most precious men I’ve ever known , never, not one time in my life , did I ever go to his office sick and he wasn’t there , even when I was in my twenties and working nights at the hospital, I would see him making rounds, I don’t know when he ever slept , and I don’t think he ever took a vacation, ,, beautiful man of God, I loved him so much, and he loved everyone, I’m 49 , and I know people 20 years older than me that he delivered, the last twenty years he looked so tired, and I guess I thought I’d die before him , he always seemed that strong to me , he was an old fashioned country Dr. and surgeon, still practicing at almost 90 ( NOT SURGERY ) lol , in a small city of almost 300, 000 , I’m sure he brought more that half of us into this world , and he doctored the other half , I’m so sad 😭, but I’m so happy because I know he’s in Glory with our Lord , he never called me by name , never , he always call me SWEET PEA , hence my YouTube handle, Texas sweet p . May God rest your soul Dr. Chandler, you are so beloved, and you will be sorely missed by all of us in Amarillo Texas , I love you , RIP 💔🥀😥🙏✝️❤️😇👑

  3. I was a patient of Dr Ed Mayer of Amarillo and remember when Dr Chandler took Dr Mayer’s practice. I’ve never met a more caring, concerned and kind man as Dr Chandler was. I only learned today of his passing when I went in to see him. He amazed me every time I came to his office of his caring attitude. I often asked him if he ever found a Dr to help him that was as good as he was. He would only laugh. I can only hope that I could be half the person that Dr Chandler was. I know that he will be missed by many and especially his family, Nurse Maggie and Shandra. May God be with all of you and help with your loss. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and love for Dr C and can only hope he knew how much he, his life, his choice of profession and his demeanor meant to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Rest In Peace.

    1. My condolences are with the family I met him a couple of times he was a good doctor from
      The pilgrim family

  4. One of the best Doctors in Amarillo! Praying for his family. He will be missed by so many.
    The Norfleet’s

  5. Dr. Chandler was my physician in Amarillo from 1995-2005.
    He was a great doctor. He was a colleague of my dad’s, Dr. E.W. Cain, physician to my mom, Helen Cain, treasured friend of my brother, Jack Cain, and a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend to so many. God welcome him and give comfort to his family.

  6. Dr. Chandler was my physician in Amarillo from 1995 to 2005. He was kind, caring and an excellent doctor. He was a colleague of my dad’s, Dr. E.W. Cain, a friend of my brother’s, Jack Cain , my mom’s, Helen Cain, physician and my friend. He was the ultimate doctor, husband, father, grandfather and friend and God’s faithful servant. God bless all who knew and loved him.

  7. Was so sorry to hear of this wonderful man’s death. He was a Doctor for many in the family. I am thinking and praying for the family and especially Dr. John.

  8. RIP Dr Chandler He is a Life Saver sent from Heaven Saved My life and Mama started seeing in the 60s Will be dearly missed

  9. Dr. Chandler, what an amazing man. So kind to everyone, never to busy to help.Back in the 70’s to days before Christmas it was icy & freezing cold that night Jerry & I were out shopping. I fell & split my knee wide open and Dr. Chandler drove all the way into town to stitch me up. He was an awesome Doctor, Christian, and family man. He loved his family. Gone but not forgotten. Will miss you dearly.
    Jerry & Frances Parker

  10. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. He was one of the best of the good guys. A wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor who is greatly missed. RIP Dr. Chandler. The late Wanda Finchum family.

  11. For my entire life Dr. Chandler has been my doctor. He was also my grandparents dr, my parents dr, and even my sister went to him. I had the pleasure for also working with him at the hospital. When my mom got very sick unexpectedly, it was a great comfort having him as her doctor. We trusted him. He was loved greatly. He was a great man and doctor who will be greatly missed. But everyone who knew him was fortunate.

  12. My condolences to the family and everyone at the office, Dr. Chandler was the best, caring and loving doctor/ man you ever came across. He will be dearly missed by all my family, especially Blake. We knew how much he cared and loved us, We love you doc!! Forever in our hearts!!
    Kathy Copeland / Blake, Blaine Varela, Blair Caster and Dorothy Gardner!

  13. Baruch Dayan HaEmet…Dr Chandler and I worked a few years together way back in the late 1970s and early 1980s early in my Healthcare career…there when he came in at all hours to deliver babies as well…always very kind and compassionate…a quiet reserved soul…May those who mourn be comforted…his memory is indeed a blessing

  14. My condolences to Dr Chandler and family. He was a great physician who loved his patients and medical staff. I worked many years at BSA with taking careperson. of his patients. He was a positive and greatest role model to any medical person. May God give you all strength and comfort at this time.

  15. What an amazing doctor? Such compassion and love for his patients. From my broken arm to my cancer to taking care of my family, he was always there! Prayers for the family for peace and comfort! He will be missed!

  16. Dr. Chandler was a wonderful physician, friend, and person. I first met him when I was a registered nurse at Southwest Osteopathic Hospital in Amarillo in 1981. I soon became his patient. I highly respected Dr. Chandler. He has always taken good care of me in my journey with chronic illness. I will miss him.

  17. there are Doctors, but God gave us Dr Richard D Chandler D.O. a man that will never be equaled, my dad went to AHS with Dr Chandler, he told me stories on my dad, from back when, during office visits, I’ve known Dr Chandler most of my life, being the caring, giving Doctor, also the diagnosis were right on! now after 63 years God called this fine Doctor home, I pray that all the lives Dr Chandler touched from family, office staff, hospital staff and patients find peace and comfort for his service and dedication to this community……..rest in peace DR Chandler

    1. sorry I entered incorrect information, Dr Chandler practiced medicine 52 years not 63 being called home!…….my apologies to all!

  18. My deepest sympathies to all of the Chandlers. I remember so fondly swimming in the backyard, running around with Chris, and always having a coke at your house. He was a kind man, and I pray for peace for all of you.

  19. Friends since A/C Dr since he began practice,loved our friendship and his doctoring. Great loss but know he’s in a better place. Praying for his family and staff.

  20. My thoughts are with Dr. Chandler’s family and the staff of Chandler Clinic. He was an exceptionally kind, loyal, & caring person!

  21. We have been patients of Dr. Chandler for 39 years. He delivered my youngest two children and saw us thru many fevers, ear infections, growing pains, sprains, sore throats etc. The kids always loved his candy drawer and also when he looked in their ears and throats and saw “Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck”! He was there for us when our oldest daughter was in the hospital and not expected to live. It was his medical expertise along with his love, compassion and comforting presence that got us through this critical time. Along with a lot of prayers. I will always remember his dry sense of humor and his sweet smile. Not sure how we’ll make it without him. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my sweet Dr. Chandler! We will be out of town on Friday, so no Mitchell’s at church. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family and with Maggie and Shandra too. We love you all. Pam Mitchell

  22. Sometimes words can’t say what a heart feels..but words are all we have. Dr. Richard was my Dad and Mom’s Dr and friend for 40+ years. He was an amazing Dr and man; and we considered him a friend, Nurse Maggie too. Mom, myself, and many more of our family members now see his son, Dr “John” to us. It’s very apparent he was raised by 2 amazing parents, as he’s also a very competent and compassionate Dr. He and Janice are like family to Mom and myself. I could go on and on…
    Our deepest condolences to Mrs. Chandler, Dr. John, Maggie, Chandra, Janice, and all who love Dr. Richard. May you all find comfort in your sweet memories. Warmest Regards,
    Bonnie Cooper and Kandace Caffee

  23. To a most kind and compassionate person and a great physician.
    He was loved by all and will be greatly missed. There is a special place in heaven for him. He took care of my family and I for more than 40 years. I give my prayers for his family.

  24. Dr. Chandler was my husband’s doctor his first year in practice, became our family doctor with arrival of our kids. He treated 4 generations of our family and will be remembered as a true definition of a great doctor, and the only doctor that made house calls we know of. We will miss you, and will thank God we were blessed to have known you and your family. God bless you .

  25. This news saddens me so much. Dr. Chandler was my physician as a child and he delivered my two oldest boys and my second son is Cody Chandler, which his middle name was given to him because of the respect I had for this man. He was the most caring and compassionate doctor I ever encountered. I went on to become an RN and have been for 24 years now and still to this day I consider Dr. Chandler the best. I know my mother is hugging him BIG in heaven right now.
    My thoughts and prayers go to his family during this time of loss, he will be missed.

  26. He was my doctor for over 40 years. So sorry for the loss of a really caring and compassionate doctor.

  27. I do not have enough words to describe the loss of this great man! Prayers for his family and Gods Speed Dr. Chandler Thank You for your selfless and dedicated care.

  28. So sorry to hear about Richard. Many good hours playing golf with him and calling on him as a medical rep. I have been retired for 16 years and still miss calling on him. So sorry Mary. Always enjoyed visiting with you too. Prayers and thoughts are going out to you.

  29. There will never be another doctor like our Dr. Richard Chandler, he was one in a million. He truly cared about all his patients and would sit down and take time with you and answer your questions. He sent my husband to a specialist that saved his life when he was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago, he would actually call and make the appointment for you himself when he felt that you needed to see someone else. All the nurses at the different hospitals loved him because he was so kind, soft spoken and caring. We will never be able to replace you Dr. Chandler; you cared for us for 44 years! May you rest in peace, you’ll be forever in our hearts!
    Our love to nurse Maggie, office receptionist Shandra, son Richard, and most of all to Mary Chandler. Our most sincere condolences to the rest of the staff and his family.
    Dennis and Mary Reynolds, and Denice Wilkins

  30. Such a wonderful man who gave so much to so many people. I am very thankful to have had Dr. Chandler in my life. His attitude and dedication is what every doctor should strive for!

  31. He was a great man and doctor. He treat my whole family and my in-laws as well. we will remember him always.R.I.P.

  32. Dr. Chandler our friend, our confidant, and our doctor. We are so saddened to hear of this news. What a tragic loss for all of us. He will be truly missed . Reston peace Dr. Chandler! May God’s loving arms surround all of your family. From all of my family.

  33. He will be missed! Such a compassionate and caring man! There will never be another like him! He’s been my Dr. since I was a small child! Rest In Peace Doc “C”.

  34. I am so sorry for your loss. Dr Chandler was a good man. Not too many drs like him around. He will be missed. He was my dr for many yrs, I hated that I had to go elsewhere. There will never be another dr as compassionate as
    him. May he rest in peace. God bless everyone involved.

  35. No matter what was going on , you simply felt better as soon as he walked into the room. He always had a smile and you knew he was going to handle the situation. He and Maggie were the perfect team . He will be sorely missed .Prayers and condolences go out to all his loved ones. God blessed us all with this wonderful man.

  36. He was a very special person as well as a caring Doctor. He will be missed by many who cared for him. I was his patient for 50 years. Rest in peace Dr. Chandler

  37. Dr. Chandler will be missed. He delivered me just over 50 years ago and my sister just over 46 years ago.
    Rest in Peace my friend!!!

  38. He was a great man and doctor. He will be greatly missed especially since there is not another doctor in Amarillo who takes care of you like he did. I will really miss him.

  39. Dr. Chandler was a wonderful person and an awesome doctor. I am so thankful I had opportunities to work with him on occasions. His kind heart, sweet smile and humble spirit will be missed. Rest well Dr Chandler. Saying prayers for your family and staff.

  40. Thirty three years ago I married my husband David Brown. Who would have thought that we shared the same family doctor! Dr. Chandler along with the assistance of his daughter Pam, delivered both of our babies. I didn’t know it then but both ours and Pam’s and Jim’s children would attend St. Andrew’s School together! We would often see Richard and Mary at various school functions. Not only was he our lifelong Doctor but our personal friend as well. There will never be another Doctor to replace the kindness and dedicated touch he had with us. He will forever be missed and hold a special place in our family’s hearts. Rest In Peace Dr. Chandler. With all our love, David, Rosa, Aliesha and Tanner Brown

    1. He was my Doctor for the last 35 years, I never thought I could have such a caring, real doctor, they don’t make em like him any more, he was my Dr.Baker (Little House on the Prairie Doctor) He will be missed by me and my family greatly.

    2. He was our Doctor for last 35yrs. I never thought I would have such a loving,caring, real Doctor,. He was my Dr.Baker(Dr. From Little House on the Prairie) he will be missed 😕

  41. My deepest sympathies to the family, patients, and office staff of this lovely man. He was a wonderful, kind doctor for so many of us.

  42. He will be sorely missed. He was a very caring person which he demonstrated to me as his patient. May God comfort his loved ones.

  43. He was my family’s doctor since I was 8 years old. He was a great man and doctor. We all will miss him. He helped our family in so many ways. He did not deliver my kids but for all 3 he was at the hospital and saw my name on the list and came to visit us and make sure we were all well. He was a true healer and giver. Prayers of comfort and blessings over all of his family.

  44. Dr. Chandler was our family doctor for over 20 years. He delivered my younger sister in 1975. He watched most of us grow up and start having our own kids.
    He went through all our childhood diseases, broken bones, my concussion, and various other things with us. I think my parents should have just rented one of the exam rooms to have it ready for us.
    He was a wonderful doctor and man. I love him to pieces and will always miss him. I know with all my heart that he was a blessing to all who knew him.
    My sincerest condolences go to the family and other loved ones. May God grant y’all comfort and peace.

  45. My prayers for you Mary and your family.
    I Worked with him years ago…he delivered 3 of my children. He was a wonderful mentor. When making rounds I learned so much from him.

  46. There are extraordinary people in this world and you were one of the best! You will be missed deeply and forever in my heart. Thank you for all the years of advice and caring.
    My heart goes out to the family, staff and many friends.

  47. Dr. Chandler was my doctor since the mid 70’s! I appreciated his style of medicine and his treatment approach. He took care of me and my children when ever we needed him and helped make us better every time! His treatments were always accurate and complete.
    He will be missed. Condolences to his Family and his Staff, especially Maggie!
    RIP Doc, you helped keep us healthy!

  48. Our family docto for 44 years. Delivered two of my children and our two oldest grand daughters. I can’t tell how much we loved him.

  49. He delivered me and was my doctor when I was a baby and my parents doctor as well. Very great bedside manner! Such a sweet man. He will be dearly missed. Condolences to his family

  50. So sorry for you loss, my thoughts and prayers for your family.
    Loved Dr. Chandler, delivered me and took care of me my entire life, will miss him.

  51. So very sorry. I love Dr. Chandler. He has been my doctor for many years. Such a kind, gentle and compassionate man.

  52. Dr. Chandler was my doctor for over 45 years and he delivered our 2 sons in the early 80’s.
    He watched me grow up and get married and he started seeing my hubby then as well. I’m so glad I got to see him recently after he came back after being off for a little while. I told him he was not allowed to retire he chuckled and said I don’t plan on it . He always had a smile and always asked about my family. He was the most caring and compassionate doctor I’ve ever seen. He would say kiddo see you next time and you take care of yourself when I was leaving and tell Jeff to stay out of trouble ( my hubby) if Jeff wasn’t with me but a lot of times it was both of us there. When he diagnosed my husband with stage 4 cancer he had so much compassion and got us to the right doctors to help him right away. That was several years ago and my hubby is in remission now.
    We will miss the team of him and his nurse Maggie
    God bless the family and thank you for sharing him with all of us through the years. Our deepest sympathy for your loss. Praying for the family and Staff
    God Bless You
    Jeff & Nancy

  53. Our Precious doctor !! We loved this Man! He delivered my daughter 35 years ago and was our family doctor!! Part of our Family! Will miss him dearly! 😭 Prayers for his Family, his patients and his sweet Staff!

  54. What a special place you have in my heart, a life time of health, delivered babies treating me and my family. For 45 yrs you were in my life for the highs and lows. Love you always Daddy Chandler. God speed. Praying for your family

  55. What a wonderful doctor and man, full of compassion and heartfelt love for his patients. Delivered both of my daughters and took care of our family for many years! He will be missed

  56. There are no words to relieve the depth of pain and grief you must be feeling. Dr. Chandler was a very kind gentle physician who truly cared for his patients. I am so going to miss seeing him .
    Please know that I am praying for you all for comfort and peace.


  58. Such a good person. He will be missed. He was my son’s doctor along with the other guys on the Tascosa football team. My condolences to the family.
    Ginger Walls ( Tommy’s mother)

    1. My family’s doctor for many years none better in my books compassion love and caring doctor of all time ! I remember when John was still in college he brought his Thunderbird in to have some work on it the estimate was out of sight I worked at the place where he had brought his car Dr. Chandler called me to see if I could help . I was more than happy to help if I could I talked to the technician that was working on his car and we shaved 300.00 off the final estimate. Dr. Chandler told me if I ever needed anything to call him ! I told him he had already paid that bill in full several times he saved my life twice my wife’s life twice and my daughters life once !!! We are forever indebted to him !! Prayers for the whole Chandler family .REST IN PEACE DR. Chandler you will be sorely missed by many JOB WELL DONE HERE ON EARTH AND NOW THE ANGLES SING TO YOU ❤️❤️

  59. There hasn’t been a better Dr to our family. We truly loved the care he gave to each of us. Richard will truly be missed by all. The world was a better place because of him.

  60. Dr Chandler was my doctor for years .
    I will miss him calling me sweet pea when I was sick. He is in Heaven dancing with the Angels.
    Prayers for his family.

  61. Pam, so sorry for your loss of your dad. It is so hard to see them go even though you know they are at peace. He truly had an amazing life and blessed the area with many incredible blessings in the area.
    I am praying for you through this tough time. Frannie Nuttall

  62. We are so sad. He delivered all 3 of my kids and was the dr we went to when our dr thought she was expecting.
    He not only was our dr but we loved him
    He helped us thru many of tough times and many great times
    You were a part of our Family
    Rest In Peace 💚🙏

  63. He was the greatest Dr. ever !!! I know I’ve been seeing him for at least 33 years and he always was so kind and caring he once told me that it was a pleasure and a honor to take care of me and Donnie and he loved us and wanted me to know that. Well I believe that we were blessed to be a part of his life and I wish I would had told him that . I’m so sad that you are gone but you will never be forgotten. There will never be anyone like you you are will always be the greatest Dr & friend ever, Thank you for caring for so many people and especially my family💙💙😢😢 💔 Donnie & Sally Wall

  64. He’s been my Dr for years.. When I was a pt in the hospital, under his care. I always could tell when he was coming down the hallway, by the sound of his shoes.. I knew his son very well thru Nwth. When he was an intern. He will be greatly missed. Rip

  65. .I believe he has been my doctor for probably 50 years and has taken care of our family. An amazing doctor and very dedicated to all his patients We will never be able to replace him .Prayers go out to his family his office family all his friends.He will truly be missed .
    RIP Dr Chandler 😪

  66. Sending prayers and deepest sympathy to the family. Dr. Chandler was an amazing doctor, he always patted me and told me to get to feeling better and always treated me and my family with great respect. Dr. Chandler you will be missed so very much.

  67. My Prayers go out to the family. Calling on Dr. Chandler for over 25 yrs. was a privilege. I so sorry for your loss.

  68. I worked with this wonderful man from 1974 until the osteopathic hospital closed 21 years later. He delivered my daughter and was the pediatrician for all my children.
    He was my mentor, my friend, my doctor and my colleague. I will always remember him.
    Guess you and Dr. Johnson will have a good time catching up. love you Dr. C.

  69. Deepest condolence! He was a great doctor. I will miss your comical gestures when I was in the doctors office. I have been a patient for over 25 years! Thoughts and prayers for the family !

    Danna Ellison

  70. Dr. Chandler I miss you already. I’m gonna miss you calling me, “Sweet Pea”. I just love you. You make me want to be better everyday.
    My love and prayers for all your family, friends and those who love you, which lets face it is everybody. Rest in peace and enjoy the glory you deserve. Xxooxx

  71. He was the best will never be another like him,he will be greatly missed delivered all 3 of my boys and was still taking care of them.

  72. Prayers for your spouse and family! I’m grateful for knowing you, best doctor ever! Rest In Peace fine sir for you are going to be very missed.

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