Billie Jean Jones

Billie Jean Jones
Billie Jean Jones

Billie Jean Jones, 52, of Amarillo died January 8, 2019.

Memorial services will be at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, January 12, 2019, at Polk Street United Methodist Church, 1401 S. Polk Street, Amarillo, Texas.

Billie Jean Jones was born in Orange, California, and she is survived by her son, Christopher Hawk and Wife, Amanda Hawk of Amarillo, Texas; her daughter, Jennifer Newman of Timpson, Texas; her son Chance McCoy and wife Katy McCoy, of Shawnee, Oklahoma; her grandchildren, Kristopher Beck, Kaden Beck, Jack Barrett, McKenzie Newman, Hailey Newman, and Monika Newman; and her life partner, Anthony Bates.

Billie Jean Jones spent the majority of her life saving and helping others in their darkest hours. From 1992-1995, she was a Tulsa, Oklahoma first responder who rode in an ambulance and provided emergency assistance to people in the throes of death and despair. As an EMT, Billie Jean was instrumental in the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy of 1995 as she delivered supplies to the search and rescue team. From 2001-2010, Billie Jean Jones worked at American Habilitation and Texas Panhandle Centers assisting people with delayed intellectual disabilities. She taught them independent living skills that included budgeting, cooking, and home hygiene. Because she was an asset to Texas Panhandle Centers, she got promoted to supervisor of the Foster Homes and Supported Home Living.

In 2010, she joined the Agape Center staff and became a peer support specialist and trusted friend to the peers of the organization. She helped countless individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives through the message of recovery. Billie Jean made a profound impact in the mental health community and worked tirelessly to help peers secure shelter, food, employment, and mental health treatment. She rose up the ranks and became Assistant Director of the agency and continued to help people with mental illness in the twilight of her life. Billie jean loved her family, her life partner Anthony, her dog Hope, and the members at the Agape Center. She loved the smell of grass, flowers, the scents of nature, and the wind blowing through her hair as she rode her motorcycle. She relished the excitement of piloting World War II fighter planes and living on the edge, but most of all she found purpose in giving of her time and talents to those around her. She never gave up on anybody, and at our worst moments, she was always there with a calm and soothing demeanor. Her legacy and footprint in the Amarillo Community will always be felt by those who had the good fortune of knowing her.

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