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Why Should I Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning a funeral is helpful to everyone.  If one is designating his/her own wishes regarding funeral plans, the individual has peace of mind that the pre-planned instructions by him/her will be followed.  Sometimes people are worried what their family will emotionally spend on a funeral; so, having one’s affairs in order alleviates that concern.  Pre-arranging is more than having things paid for, although it can be a relief for family members as well.  There are great resources online for people to look at and fill-out.  Most funeral homes offer payment plans as well.  Again, giving instructions to the loved ones you leave behind is an act that will be praised and count towards one’s own legacy.  Boxwell Brothers does not sell its pre-need paperwork to a third party.  All pre-need money is put in a local trust and only able to be withdrawn when the services called for are rendered.

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